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Montag, 19. März 2012, 18:59

M1904/35 Kavalleriesäbel

Let me represent you the M1904/35 hungarian cavalry sword.
The existence of the sword type is not well documentated,not well known, even in present, collectors often doesnt know what they find, some of them may think that it is a home made shortened M1904, but in reality could be a post WW1 used hungarian cavalry sword.
"Edged weapons description of the Royal Hungarian Army 1944" clearly defines a 35M cavalry sword , paralell to the 77M and 4M(1904M).
Description says: "35M cavalry sword overall identifical with 4M, except some dimensions, and weight, see table 1."
"Table 1:
-Blade lenght exclude blade reinforcment: 775mm
-Blade width at the beginning:31,5mm, at hte beginning of the double edge 24mm
-Total sword lenght:933mm
-Sword weight: +/-773g ,Scabbard weight:+/-530g"
The represented sword has similar dimension, there is a 4 digit number on the basket, and same number on the end of the scabbard.
Regimental markings on scabbard:3H.E.13.

The sword was mounted, therefore only one wearring existing.


Montag, 19. März 2012, 19:29

Dear Valentin!

Thank you for this ( for me brand new ) information, and excellent comparable photos. Great job :thumbup: .
Entschuldigen Sie bitte für schlechtes Deutsch.

Grüße aus Kroatien



Mittwoch, 21. März 2012, 16:39

Very important, new and excellent information about the post-war use of the best cavalry sword from the monarchy. Thank you, Valentin!! Regimental markings--are they before 1918 (HR3 ) or later?
Austria and Czechoslovakia, both used the M1904 as standard cavalry sword after 1918 but I don`t have any informations that they were shortened such as the Hungarian ones.



Mittwoch, 21. März 2012, 19:01

Hello friends, you are welcome:)

The regimental marking is sure post 1918, it is 3.H.E (3. Huszár Ezred=3.Husaren Regiment)
What are the markings on the post 1918 Austrian M1904? Is there any difference between pre and post 1918 sword markings?


Mittwoch, 21. März 2012, 19:22

Is there any difference between pre and post 1918 sword markings?

Yes there are differences... most eye-catching is the marking with the only one headed eagle of the first Austrian Republic or the double headed eagle of the Bundesrepublik Österreich (Ständestaat) 1934-38. Regimental markings are to be recognized because of newly founded troops after 1918.