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Dienstag, 23. Juli 2013, 19:59

K.u.K. Kavalleriesäbel M1861

Dear Friends!

Let me show you an interesting M1861 cavalry sword.
All sizes are according to the standard dimensions,there is only one carrier ring on the scabbard, probably due to the 1st World War usage.
Markings on the blade:

On the scabbard:
-WN (XX) at the end

Does anyone know the meaning of these markings, because there are no standard Regimental stampings on it?

The most interesting is the basket form is similar to an M1869 basket, also grip is not covered with brown leather,as most of pre 1869 austrian sword are, but this one is covered with standard rayskin.



Dienstag, 23. Juli 2013, 20:00

Some more pictures..


Dienstag, 23. Juli 2013, 21:17

Hello Valentin.

This is a wonderful sword with typical acceptance mark for M. 61.
"GF" - Gußstahlfertigung ( Gussstahl Fabrication ) !?!
Wn Doppeladler xx - Wienere Arsenal Inspektion from the xx year.
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Grüße aus Kroatien



Freitag, 16. August 2013, 07:56

Hello Valentin

Very nice authentic M1861.
I don`t think that there is a Connection to the fact that there is only one ring on the scabbard an the first world war.
The regulations didn`t Change for this Topic from the pre-war period to the war, except that it was generally not allowed to wear a saber anymore from 1917 on - at least in the front area.

From my Point of view, the 122 is not from Military origin, maybe some inventary number of a Theatre or whatever.
Maybe the rayskin was made for an NCO or the leather was destroyed and it was replaced by rayskin because later on only rayskin was used anymore.

Hello Zlakto

From where do you you know, that is means "Gußstahlfertigung"?
This GF was always a miracle!




Freitag, 16. August 2013, 09:27

Hallo Alex !!!

Ja, Ich weiß auch dass ist Mysterie. Ich bin diese Informationen von Andy Blazicek ( Bajonetten Sammler aus Slowakien ) bekommen : "Hallo Zlatko, in dem Buch Franz´Ruediger ueber Deutsche Seitengewehre ist glaube ich diese vermaerk , hat nichts mit Gewehrfabrik. das war schon lange klare sache das es kein hersteller ist, sondern die klingen fertigungs methode.alles gute,Andy"

Und da auch - k.k. Kavalleriesäbel M1858/61
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Grüße aus Kroatien