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Samstag, 2. August 2014, 22:42

WW1 shortened sword of batallion/regimental commander of the 1st Hungarian Landsturm Regiment: Captain Àrpád Lépes

1st Hungarian Lansdturm regiment started to refill on 26.July.1914, and it was deployed to the Serbian front on the beginning of august 1914.
Despite it was a Landsturm regiment, with troops older than 40 years, the regiment was thrown to the frontline and became an active fighting unit,wher it fought through the Serbian, Romanian, and Italian campaign.

Captain Lépes was the commander of the first batallion, later he became the commander of the complete regiment,while original regimental commander substituted divisional commander.
During the italian campaign, a Lépes-Gruppe was formed, and fought as a storming unit.

His comrades characterized him as follows:

He belonged to the regiment's best, bravest and noblest
officers . Model of the never-ending loyalty,
masculine strength of character and courage.
Excellent battalion commander,
unrivaled leader in the fight, rigorous and equitable service
superior, loyal in personal contact with his comrades.It was legendary how
troops and officers fantically hang on his spunky starture.
His bouncing sharp orders, were watching eagerly and blindly
His heart was sick, when the war started, he could have been stayed home, but he did not.
How many times doctors urged him to leave the killing front line, but refused, he became the vixtim of his endurance shortly after the war.



Samstag, 2. August 2014, 22:44

Some more photos, with a WW1 camo painted M1904 officers sword:)


Sonntag, 3. August 2014, 08:24

Great Valentin :thumbsup: !!!

I've always loved these real war swords with pedigree. Very, very nice. Sincere congratulations. Is the other sword from the same owner also !?!
Entschuldigen Sie bitte für schlechtes Deutsch.

Grüße aus Kroatien



Sonntag, 3. August 2014, 08:51

Hello,no,the M1904 did not belong to him,he was an infantry officer,please note the damage on the scabbard ,we believe it could have been caused by a small object with a strong impact.


Sonntag, 3. August 2014, 09:06

Yes Voci. I know that he was an Landsturm officer. But..... with swords during WW I you never can be sure.
This small object which caused the damage can be the bullet fired from afar ?( .
Entschuldigen Sie bitte für schlechtes Deutsch.

Grüße aus Kroatien



Sonntag, 3. August 2014, 10:28

We can not be sure, could be a bullet from far away, or shrapnel, or just a peace time damage:)


Montag, 4. August 2014, 08:18

Hello Valentin

Very nice sabre.
How do you know that it belongs to Lepes Arpad? Just because of the initials?

I like the adapted Sabres for the usage in the field very much.
Was Lepes a Hauptmann all the time or was he promoted to another higher rank - normally after four years duty in war, he should have.

Just for additional Information: The Landsturm had an Age restriction for 42 years up to 1916.
Due to the horrible losses in 1914 and 15, in 1916 the recruting Age was Extended from 18 to 50.




Dienstag, 5. August 2014, 16:45

Hello Alex, I was very lucky to gather the sword, and some medals, from the Lépes family themselves, there were some other stuffs as well, but the sold it already... X( To be honest, I would never sell a relic out of the family, but most of the people just simply dont care, this sword was stored down the basement, part of it was completely rusty, I upload some pictures.
The bottom of the scabbard was hardly oxidated, some points the blade was exposed, this I cleaned, and rebuilted with two component metal glue, the other surfaces were slightly cleaned, and browned with acid, the end of the scabbard was painted to the similar color as the browning itself.

After getting this sword, I started to read the book about the 1st Landsturm regiment, about captain Lépes, I think it is a good way of collecting, üreserving these relics, with their history to the next generation.
As far as I know, captain Lépes has finished his carrier as captain, unfortunately I still dont know much about him, do you have maybe some records?


Dienstag, 5. August 2014, 16:50

After renovation.
As I said, the half of the scabbard from the top was simply browned, the last half with metal glue rebuilted, and painted.
In this way, sword, and history of captain Lépes is preserved.:)


Dienstag, 5. August 2014, 17:47

Hello Voci!!!
You made an excellent job for yourself and for history ;) .
Entschuldigen Sie bitte für schlechtes Deutsch.

Grüße aus Kroatien



Mittwoch, 6. August 2014, 18:20

Hello Voci, I think you made the best of it, saber which can be assigned to a person, in my opinion, as well as selten.Ich find the result achieved.
Greeting Josef


Donnerstag, 21. August 2014, 13:18

Hello Voci!

Really great work!
Thanks for showing, and most of all: Thank you for preserving this historical artifacts for the future and for our children, so that they also have some real samples from the past and the history of their peaple and their Country.
Especially when it Shows the connex of the peoples of Middle-Europe, when it was joined together in the Monarchy.




Sonntag, 24. August 2014, 20:26

WW1 shortened sword of batallion/regimental commander of the 1st Hungarian Landsturm Regiment: Captain Àrpád Lépes

Hallo Sammlerfreund!
Alle Wege führen nach Rom.
Eine kleine Ergänzung
Dieses Schwert und die einige Orden ich fand. Es gibt, noch eine Reliquie, aber leider der Besitzer will sehr viel bekommen.
Ich hoffe, an eines Tages, ich es erworben wird. Es gibt ein paar von meinen Fotos, ich präsentiere.
Ein klein Tisch tranchiert, in der Mitte die ein Buch förmigen Holzkasten. Zwischen schönen, geschnitzten Motive, einer figuralen Szene.
Unter der Krone, sichtbar das Inschrift: "Ungarische Königliche 1ste Landwehr Infanterie regiment, 1ste Batalion." dann "1914 1916". Unten, "Zur Erinnerung für Lépes Árpád Hauptmann Batalion Kommandant."

Wie, Alex schrieb, versuchen wir, die Reliquien der Geschichte, für die kommenden Generationen. Dies Säbel ich gab für Voci. Er ist die nächste Generation.
Enkel sagt, Lépes Arpad Hauptmann, geht in War, als ein reaktiviert Offizier.
Noch eine kleine Ergänzung.
Der Eisernen Krone Orden war seine höchste Auszeichnung. Aber er hatte die deutsche Eiserne Kreuz und Verdienst Kreuz, zweite Spende mit Schwertern.
beste Grüsse
"Vitam et sanquinem!"


Montag, 25. August 2014, 15:42

Lieber Laszlo!

Vielen Dank das du uns das gezeigt hast.
Ich finde das wundervoll! Sowas sollte ja immer zusammenbleiben - Eine Erinnerung an eine Zeit in der viel Söhne Ungarns heldenhaft in den großen Krieg gezogen sind und für ihr Vaterland und ihren König Blut vergossen haben.
Aus einer Zeit, in der der königliche Offizier noch hohes Ansehen genossen hat - und zwar von Temesvar bis Rijeka.

Den eisernen Kronen Orden bekommt auch nicht jeder, das ist schon was besonderes, vorallem mit der Kriegsdekoration.

Wirklich sehr sehr schön.